Office Supplies

The idea of The Fulfiller started from office supplies, soon it grew to be much bigger and wider than what, but wholesale office supplies is still an important part of The Fulfillers assortment.

In this section you will find well-known brands for wholesale Office Supplies. The section is called Office Space and covers these categories: office supplies, paper and printable media, food and breakroom, cleaning, ink and toner. If you own or looking to set up a dropshipping store that sells office supplies, The Fulfiller can complete it with more than 40.000 items in wholesale Office Supplies category.

Office Supplies

The Office supplies category has 11 wide subcategories. Those are binders and report covers; folders and storage; boards and easels; desk and workspace organizers; labels, indexes and stamps; pens, pencils and markers; general office supplies; envelopes and shipping supplies, cases and wallets, money management and accounting forms; educational and craft supplies. All Office supplies are available for dropshipping.

Paper and Printable media

The Paper and Printable media category has 8 wide subcategories. Those are copy and printer paper; notebooks and writing pads; cards and awards; transparency film; filling paper; post-it and self-stick notes and flags; art and craft paper; cash register and fax paper rolls. All Paper and Printable media items are available for dropshipping.

Food and Breakroom

The Food and Breakroom category has 5 wide subcategories. Those are coffee and coffee supplies; beverages; candies and snacks; food service supplies; appliances. All Food and Breakroom items are available for dropshipping.


The Cleaning category has 7 wide subcategories. Those are paper products and dispensers; soaps, dispensers and personal care; cleaning chemicals; cleaning tools and supplies; waste receptacles and liners, safety and sanitary wear, facility maintenance and safety supplies. All Cleaning items are available for dropshipping.

Ink and Toner

The Ink and Toner category has 3 wide subcategories. Those are laser printer, copier and fax supplies; inkjet printer supplies; ribbons. All Ink and Toner items are available for dropshipping.

All the above are sold in our B2B shop. To become a wholesale customer, please sign up here. The Fulfiller was made to support you and offer a variety of products to your customers. Most importantly, The Fulfiller offers dropshipping service to help you with stock and shipping so you can focus on sales.

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